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Home Ownership Program for Residents of the Kativik Region

The purpose of the Home Ownership and Renovation Program for the Kativik Region is to improve housing conditions for residents of the Northern villages and help them become homeowners. The program has four components:

  •  “Training and support”, providing households with relevant information on how to purchase, manage and maintain a property
  •  “Purchase and construction assistance”, helping people to purchase or construct a property at a reasonable price
  •  “Renovation assistance”, providing financial assistance for owners wishing to renovate their property
  •  “Occupancy assistance”, providing recurrent financial assistance to help pay municipal taxes and home insurance premiums


The program is open to:

  • Residents of the Kativik region aged 18 or over, i.e. individuals whose principal residence has been located in the Kativik region for at least a year, or Inuit people who are beneficiaries of the James Bay and Northern Québec Agreement
  • Cooperatives and non-profit organizations having their head office in the Kativik region and owning residential units covered by the program that are intended for residents who are not in their employment.

Financial assistance offered

Purchase and construction assistance

The financial assistance awarded for the purchase or construction of a dwelling is equal to 75% of the maximum recognized cost of completing the project, based on the type of dwelling (room, studio, one bedroom, etc.). The amount of assistance is higher in the most remote villages.

In the case of a non-profit organization or housing cooperative that develops housing for families or clients in particular situations, the financial assistance is equal to 90% of the maximum recognized cost.

Residential Unit TypeMaximum Recognized Construction CostsSubsidy
1 room$570,000$427,500
2 rooms$660,000$495,000
3 rooms$700,000$525,000
4 rooms$740,000$555,000
5 rooms$790,000$592,500
6 rooms or more$830,000$622,500
Additionnal Amount Allocated
VillagePer Residential UnitPer Bedroom (boarding house)

Renovation assistance

The financial assistance granted to a homeowner to renovate a residential unit is equal to 50% of the total cost of major renovation work, up to $87,500. The recognized cost of the work must be at least $20,000.

Occupancy assistance

Financial assistance for municipal taxes is equal to 75% of the annual municipal tax payment for the residential unit or portion of the residential unit concerned.

The amount of assistance paid in a given year cannot exceed $10,500 per dwelling or $3,745 per room in a boarding house.

Financial assistance for housing insurance premiums is equal to 30% of the premium.

Assistance is paid for an initial period of 15 years and may be renewed for successive periods of five years.

Eligible buildings

All or part of the building must be intended for residential purposes and must serve as a residence. Only the residential portion is eligible, along with the fraction of the common areas serving the residential portion. The building must be located in one of the 14 Northern villages and its placement must comply with the master plan in effect for the village in question.


To enrol in the program or obtain information about it, please contact the Kativik Municipal Housing Bureau:

1600, Akianut
Kuujjuaq (Québec)  J0M 1C0
Telephone: 819 964-2000 or 1 833 229-2008
E-mail: homeownership@omhkativikmhb.qc.caCourriel

You may also contact the Société d’habitation du Québec for information on how to submit your application for financial assistance.