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Eligibility for Shelter Allowance Program


(Valid from October 1st, 2021, to September 30th, 2022)

The information shown in the following table is for information purposes only.

Number of people
in your household
Type of your householdYour monthly
rent1 is
more than or equal to 2
Your household’s
annual income is
less than or equal to 3
1 adultPerson 50 years or older living in a rooming house$198$18,364
1 adult and 1 childPerson with 1 child or more living in a rooming house$198$18,364
2 adults and 1 child or moreCouple with one child or more living in a rooming house$198$18,364
1 adultPerson aged 50 or over and living alone$308$18,364
2 adultsChildless couple in which at least one of the partners is aged 50 or over$398$27,620
1 adult and 1 childSingle-parent family with one child$398$27,971
2 adults and 1 childCouple with one child$434$27,971
1 adult and 2 childrenSingle-parent family with two children$434$27,971
2 adults and 2 childrenCouple with two children$460$27,971
1 adult and 3 childrenSingle-parent family with three children$460$27,971
2 adults and 3 or more childrenCouple with three or more children$486$27,971
1 adult and 4 or more childrenSingle-parent family with four or more children$486$27,971
  1. The Shelter Allowance Program also applies for mortgage loan repayment.
  2. If you pay for your own electricity or heating, you may qualify for the Shelter Allowance Program even if your rent is less than the amounts shown.
  3. Your income for the 2020 taxation year, excluding monthly support payments received (for a maximum of $350 per child).