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AccèsLogis Québec

The AccèsLogis Québec Program encourages pooling of public, community and private resources to produce social and community housing for low- and moderate-income households and for people with special housing needs.

It allows housing bureaus, housing cooperatives, non-profit organizations and non-profit purchasing groups to create and offer quality, affordable rental housing.

Organizations considered to be intermediary resources are not eligible for AccèsLogis Québec.

The Program is divided into three components:

Component 1
For projects to create permanent dwellings for low- and moderate-income households (families, people living alone, independent seniors, independent disabled people).

Component 2
For projects to create permanent dwellings with services (e.g. meals, home support services, housekeeping) for seniors with slightly diminishing independence.

Component 3
For temporary, transitional or permanent dwellings with services for people with special housing needs, such as:

  • Temporary or transitional dwellings for people wishing to reintegrate society and live independently
  • Emergency shelters (rooms), including shelters for the homeless, battered women and people in difficulty
  • Temporary dwellings for women or young people who are victims of family violence


You qualify if:

  • Your income is low to moderate, or if you have special housing needs

And if:

  • You live alone, are independent and are aged 75 or under (Component 1: Standard, permanent housing)
  • You live in a couple or a family (Component 1: Standard, permanent housing)
  • You are not functionally independent or are 75 years of age or over (Component 2: Housing with services)

Eligible organization that submit projects to the Société d’habitation du Québec are solely responsible for selecting their tenants.

Project start-up

You may start a project if you represent:a public agency (ASSS, AEEQ, CLD, CLSC, CRD, RCM, CMHC)

  • A housing bureau
  • A non-profit organization or non-profit purchasing group wishing to build social and community housing.

Your project must receive:

  • Support from your municipality
  • Financial assistance from the community – for example, from:
    • the municipality
    • a public agency (ASSS, AEEQ, CLD, CLSC, CRD, RCM, CMHC)
    • a charitable organization
    • d’une entreprise privéea private company
    • a public fundraising initiative

Assistance may also take the form of:

  • a gift of land
  • a gift of a building
  • a municipal tax credit
  • services offered by the municipality (e.g. infrastructure or other work)
  • labour

Please consult the Starting a new project page for information on admissible projects and further details about the financial support offered.

To take advantage of the Program

The Société d’habitation du Québec administers the Program in collaboration with eligible organizations. Contact your regional housing bureau, cooperative or non-profit organization to register your name on the housing application list.

For details of projects currently underway in your area, please contact your local technical resource group.

Directory of Organizations

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